Please Drive Carefully. Oh, and incidentally… I love you.


The Love Police

I have a stage!

My love built me a stage. It’s beautiful. I’m sewing velour drapes for it now. We drove to Nebraska to pick up a 42′ long theater curtain we saw on Craig’s list. Then we swung by a few other states to pick up a column and busts to decorate the theater.

Somehow we ended up with two great big follow spots. One Times Square and one Altman. They’re so cool. We won them on EBay, but we thought they would be much smaller than they actually are.

There were three spotlights, but the truck was loaded down with so much other Ebay Craigslist booty that the third spot wouldn’t have fit anyway, and we still needed to pick up 8’x6′ clear acrylic panels on the way back home to finish enclosing the remodeled patio.

Live is good!

Fix My Ribbon Mic Jones

Chinese Ribbon Mic MotorI discovered a fine article that speaks of chinese ribbon mics. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll end up with a ribbon mic or a large condenser mic. We’ll see what’s available. I would feel guilty buying one of the chinese models, but if they’re produced in my country, and they’re marketed worldwide, I think it would be OK. Heck, I have made it a point to never own a japanese car. Howzabout you?